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"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Wedding is not a single day affair. Neither is it an arrangement involving two people only! It is a matter of the lifetime; an experience in itself. Nowadays when people want to get their moments captured in the best way possible, the biggest challenge wedding photographers face is to capture everything, yet in the most subtle way possible.

The goal of this guide is to therefore go beyond a disorganised list of wedding photography tips and give you a full guide for concept mastery.

TIP 1) Know what you own-

Often the wedding photographers do believe that they know their tools very well. But when it comes to actually capturing the moments instantaneously with proper light and other effects, they face disappointment. Know that the ideal camera for wedding photography is a full frame camera with great low light performance and the ideal lenses for wedding photography are those that drop down to a low aperture number. But having 1 pair of these won’t always be the best idea.

So, we suggest you borrow an extra camera, lens, and lights for unforeseen circumstances (if any). Not only this, you should always carry extra memory cards and batteries.

TIP 2) Don’t neglect the surroundings-

The wedding day is the D-day. You cannot afford to miss any spot which might be the ideal one for a shot. So you should walk down the wedding venue beforehand to know the place better where you would shoot the ring ceremony, Ghadauli and other Indian rituals.

TIP 3) Back it up with Backups-

You don’t want all your hard work to go waste, isn’t it? So, you must have backup of all that you capture at all times. One way to combat this is to rent gear that you can’t afford just yet. There are a few advantages to renting over buying and that’s why I always recommend this to new photographers.

TIP 4) Shoot the firsts and lasts-

Usually the beginning is difficult, but just remember that each moment is precious and you have to get it all pearls of this garland together to make this piece of wedding shine exquisitely.

TIP 5) Group it up-

Everyone wants to have a portrait with the couple. It’s better to shoot in groups. You need to manage these groups efficiently with the help of your partner to align the groups and send them one by one for the shoot.

Although photography is about a lot of things and aspects, so we hope that these tips will help you in creating an impression that lasts forever.


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